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Revised: 4th Osage Minerals Council meeting

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 11:00am

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 20th, 2019 10:00 A.M.

1. Call to order – Welcome by Chairman Waller
2. Opening prayer and reading of deceased Osages
3. Roll call
4. Accountant Report
5. Superintendent Report
6. New Business
     a. David Mullon – TERA
     b. John Long – New oil and gas lease - Norma Standridge
     c. PSO – Line Rebuild – Michael Gordon  
     d. Letter concerning information and attorney with BIA
     e. TEDC grant – Margo Gray
     f. ABB – Future monitoring under tribal authority – Talee Redcorn
     g. DEMD Grant Proposal – Enhanced Oil Recovery Feasibility – Talee Redcorn
     h. IHS – Susan Forman
7. EXECUTIVE to discuss confidential and/or proprietary
     a. Chief Standingbear – DOI Secretary Bernhardt
     b.  Broadband
8. Old Business
     a. ODOT MOU
     b. Scout Energy – Hayden Williams
     c. Energynet – Brandon Savage
     d. NCAI Report – Margo Gray
     e. Travel – Everett Waller
     f. Credit Card – Everett Waller
     g. PL Account – Everett Waller
     h. Committee Reevaluation – Myron Red Eagle
     i. Vehicle Policy – Talee Redcorn
9. Meeting Minutes
     a. Amendment to January 4, 2019 – Susan Forman
     b. Approval of February 1, 2019
10. Adjournment

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