New Website

Content on these pages may be out of date. We launched a dedicated Osage Culture website in late March 2021. All new language, historic preservation, culture, and museum content will be posted there. Pages with this notice on them will no longer be updated on this website, but are here for folks who may have bookmarked them. For updated and new content, visit

Mission Statement

The mission of the Osage Nation Historic Preservation Office (ONHPO) is to preserve the culture and history of the Osage Nation and to share that knowledge with the Osage people. The ONHPO accomplishes its mission by working with federal, state, and local agencies on undertakings that require tribal consultation. The ONHPO also identifies, protects and preserves archaeological and historic Osage sites within the boundaries of the Osage Nation Reservation and on lands throughout Osage ancestral territories and homelands (referred to as ancestral lands*). The overarching goal of the ONHPO is to address the cultural preservation needs of the Osage people as voiced in the 25-year Strategic Plan.

*Ancestral lands currently included in the ONHPO program plan are Illinois,Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, small portions of northwestern and northeastern Texas, northwestern Louisiana and southwestern Colorado and Wisconsin. Our earliest known ancestral lands include portions of the Ohio River Valley states: Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.