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Content on these pages may be out of date. We launched a dedicated Osage Culture website in late March 2021. All new language, museum, culture, and museum content will be posted there. Pages with this notice on them will no longer be updated on this website, but are here for folks who may have bookmarked them. For updated and new content, visit

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Osage Nation does not currently conduct genealogy research. Osage Members may submit a Family Tree request through the Membership/CDIB department.

Osage Nation Constituent Services

Still not sure where to go? Call the Osage Nation Constituent Services line at 918-287-5555 or visit them online for more help.

Other Osage Nation Cultural Departments

Osage Nation Historic Preservation Office

Wahzhazhe Cultural Center

Osage Nation Language Department

Annette Gore Library

Osage Nation Archives Department

In the Community

Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce

Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

Osage County Historical Society Museum

Tallgrass Art Gallery

Cedar Chest Shop

Constantine Theater

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Osage Nation Museum staff are unable to appraise or place a monetary value on objects. If you are interested in receiving an official appraisal, please contact a professional appraiser who is a member of a recognized professional society of appraisers.

American Society of Appraisers

Appraisers Association of America

Art Dealers Association of America

International Society of Appraisers