New Website

Content on these pages may be out of date. We launched a dedicated Osage Culture website in late March 2021. All new language, museum, culture, and museum content will be posted there. Pages with this notice on them will no longer be updated on this website, but are here for folks who may have bookmarked them. For updated and new content, visit

Online Classes

Free online classes are available currently offer two classes:

Osage Beginner 1A: Introduction to the Osage Orthography

Osage Beginner 1B: Basic Thought Structure

Both courses are self-paced and can be completed online. These classes are offered to you by the Osage Nation Language Department free of charge.

Get Started

To begin taking classes, you will need to completethis registration form. Once you have completed that registration form, you cancreate an account on this site. This enrolls you as a student, and you can then select your class. The account will need to be activated by an administrator, after which you will be able to log in. Once you have completed this process, you may begin classes.

Preference for enrollment will be given to students who live outside of the Osage reservation boundaries.


The online class makes use of modern multimedia. In order to benefit from these, please ensure you have an up-to-date browser. We currently support the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari. While the website can be accessed from a mobile device, you will find a desktop environment to be more beneficialto the learning experience.