Indian Health Services Transition Information

Indian Health Services Transition


To the staff and patients of the Pawhuska Indian Health Center:

The Osage Nation Health Authority (ONHA), acting on behalf of Nation's health interests, sincerely value both staff and patients and are obligated to inform both about the ongoing transition to management of the clinic by the Osage Nation.

The transition is scheduled to be complete by Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, and doors will open, as usual, the next business day on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015. Understandably, these changes may seem swift, prompting questions and concerns. Those questions and concerns are a priority for Osage leadership and the ONHA.

Here are some facts about the transition:

  • All services you now receive will continue after October, including pharmacy delivery of medications
  • You can continue to see the primary care provider you know
  • Osage Nation will advertise for additional staff
  • The clinic will continue to provide services to you and your family with the same hours and schedule

For more information about this transition please visit the Osage Nation website at who-we-are/health-authority-board or call Osage Nation Constituent Services at 918-287-5555.

Indian Health Services Transition FAQs

Will I still be able to get my medicine?

Yes. We anticipate no interruption of our supply of medicines and no change in the way you get them. Just in case, we have arranged for alternate supply sources that ensure we will have the medicines you need when you need them.

Will I be able to see the primary care provider I have now?

Yes. The Osage Nation is retaining current primary care providers and recruiting for more.

Is the Clinic going to close at any time during the transition?

No. The Clinic will keep the same hours of operation after October 5

Will the new clinic provide the same services?

Yes. All current services including Pharmacy will remain the same.

Can I Still get a Referral?

Yes. The process of referral to specialists will remain the same.

Who will be able to use the clinic?

All Native American tribes in Osage county will be able to receive services

Why is the Nation taking over the Clinic?

Because experience has shown that when a tribal nation runs its own clinic, services are improved and expanded. While you may not notice changes at first, you may expect to see new services in the future . You may also expect to see services that were offered once or twice a week offered more frequently.

The Osage Nation Health Authority and Osage Nation leadership are committed to making our clinic better and improving the health of you and your family. Please call Osage Nation Constituent Services at 918-287-5555 for more information about the health care transition.