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Content on these pages may be out of date. We launched a dedicated Osage Culture website in late March 2021. All new language, historic preservation, culture, and museum content will be posted there. Pages with this notice on them will no longer be updated on this website, but are here for folks who may have bookmarked them. For updated and new content, visit

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Our mission is to be the central repository for the evolving history of the Osage Nation and also to support the personal, educational, cultural, and professional needs of the community.


The goals of the library are:

  • To select, maintain, and enhance the library collection that supports education about the Osage people.
  • To provide professional personnel to assist with the needs of the community.
  • To be an integral part of the Osage Nation protection of sovereignty.
  • To facilitate all academic levels as well as stimulating interest and the appreciation for reading and learning among the youth of the Osage along with the surrounding community.

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