Mission Statement

Our mission is to effectively support and facilitate to action the Osage Nation's overall strategy by applying sound project and grants management principles and best practices.  All work is aimed to achieve the Chief's goals as well as the goals within the Strategic Plan.

Chief Standing Bear's Goals:

  1. Maintain or increase funding for core benefits including education scholarships, the Health Benefit Card, Burial Assis. and Financial Hardship Assis.

  2. Re-establish the surface reservation through land purchases

  3. Expand language and retain culture

  4. Develop a comprehensive healthcare system

  5. Promote healthy communities through wellness initiatives and partnerships

  6. Create and develop a premier Osage school system

  7. Create safer communities through strong law enforcement

  8. Improve government-to-government relations through effective communication

  9. Eliminate the manufacture and distribution of illegal substances in our villages

  10. Ensure the Osage government is accountable to the Osage people

Strategic Plan

In 2007, Osage Nation officials embarked on a quest to develop a strategic plan, with the core purpose being "To strengthen our government and society in order to preserve and perpetuate a full and abundant Osage way of life that benefits all Osages, living and as yet unborn."

Policies & Procedures

For our most current Policies & Procedures, please click the link.  Please note that this is still in draft form, and the final official document will be posted soon.  Within the Policies & Procedures, is an eCivis and Grant Process Worksheet.  Click the link for direct access to the worksheet.

Notice of Intent to Submit

Our office requires this form for departments interested in submitting a grant for their program(s).

eCivis Training

Mandatory training (Division Leaders, Department Directors, & Project Managers that implement federally-funded programs) was held Tuesday, October 21st & Thursday, October 23rd.  The presentation can be found here.

Contact Information

Physical Address
1225 Grandview
Pawhuska, OK 74056

Main Phone:

Main Fax:

Our Staff

Chris L. Standingbear, Sr. Grants Management Specialist, 918-287-5633, clstandingbear@osagenation-nsn.gov

Amanda Wamego Buffalohead, Grants Management Specialist, 918-287-5596, awamego@osagenation-nsn.gov

Sarah Derryberry, Grants Management Specialist, 918-287-5584, sderryberry@osagenation-nsn.gov

Penny Gann Bradford, Compliance Manager, 918-287-5643, pbradford@osagenation-nsn.gov

Lynette Satepauhoodle, Administrative Assistant, 918-287-5383, lsmiles@osagenation-nsn.gov