This information is posted at the request of the Osage Minerals Council Chairman, Everett Waller.

Osage Minerals Council Election Results

Osage Minerals Council Election Day Statistics

Absentee Ballots cast                                                                                          408
Votes cast in-person                                                                                         + 529
Total Ballots                                                                                                            937
Absentee Ballots returned to TrueBallot, due to incorrect addresses.             11

Minerals Election is Contested

The Osage Minerals Council Election has been contested by Cynthia J. Boone and Linda Heskett.

For Cynthia J. Boone, her reasons are as follows:

“This is a challenge of an unfair election and a new election should be set in motion immediately.

“The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Chapter 25 part 90.36 states the election board shall at least 3 days before the date of election, determine any claim or challenge as to the right of any person to be listed on the roll of eligible voters.  However, the Osage Minerals Council Election Board changed addresses for some voters on election day.

“The eligible voter list was opened and changed by virtue of recording current addresses.  Apparently my voter list was given to me with some wrong addresses.  I couldn’t ask for their vote because I didn’t have a current address on my list.  Was this legal?  Why didn’t I receive a valid voter list?

“Also on election day some voters were directed to the Office of Special Trustee (OST) in Pawhuska, OK to have their headright share verified.  This is an unnecessary process according to the CFR’s.  The staff at OST informed them that they couldn’t verify headright shares and referred each of them to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Pawhuska, OK for verification.  This resulted in the BIA Superintendent sending her staff to assist the OMC Election Board.  The superintendent and staff didn’t have the authority to open the voters list to add voters pursuant to the 25 CFR’s.  25 CFR in part 90.36 dispute on eligible votes part (b) any voter of the tribe shall have the right to challenge any person presenting himself to vote and it shall be the duty of the supervisor and a judge on the board to make such investigation then and there as they deem essential and decide the question of whether or not the person is a listed voter.

“The voter had to be on the list.  No one had the right to open the voters list to add names on the day of the election.

“One of the judges left the designated election area and went outside to visit with people.

“The above cited discrepancies could have had an effect on the election.

“The BIA presence in our voting list on election day created an unfair election and will be challenged in federal court pursuant to the violation of the federal regulations.

“Furthermore, the results of the election should be stayed until the challenges herein are finally resolved.”

For Linda Heskett, her reasons are as follows:

“It has become a well known fact that the BIA superintendent sent a BIA employee which was complicit in opening the voters list to add names and/or correct mailing addresses which is in violation of the 25 CFRs which created an unfair election.  At no time during the June 4th 2018 election day should voters list been opened.  This action compromised the ballot box.

“Request a whole new election be set in motion which will follow the 25 CFRS election regulations.

“Complaint is being files to exhaust the administrative means.

“Due to the overwhelming breech of the voters list on election day a petition will be filed in Federal Court pursuant to the 25 CFRS election regulations.”




Any unsuccessful candidate may file a challenge to the correctness of the vote cast for the office for which he/she was a candidate, before noon, Monday, June 11, 2018.  This challenge must be accompanied by $500.00 deposit, in the form of a cashier’s check or money order, made out to the Osage Minerals Council Election Board. 


Physical Address:  608 Kihekah
                                   Pawhuska, OK  74056
                                   (Osage Nation Elections Office Building)
Phone Number:     918-287-5288
Email Address:

Election Date:        Monday, June 4, 2018.

Office Hours:        9-4:30 Monday thru Friday
                                 (Office closings will be the same as observed by Osage Nation offices.)

Contact Billie Ponca, Supervisor, 918-287-5288 or for more information.


Absentee Ballot Notice

If you have not received the envelope with the legal-sized document entitled “Osage Minerals Council Notice,” and the Absentee Ballot Request, itself, requests for the absentee ballots must be made in writing on or before May 21, 2018.

You'll need to send in an Absentee Ballot Request for the June 4th Osage Minerals Council election (not to be confused with the Osage Nation election absentee ballot request). 

We will need a letter that is signed from you, with the request, and must request their own absentee ballot.

If you wish to FAX it, you may send it at 918-287-5292 or the mailing address is Osage Minerals Election Board, PO Box 478, Pawhuska, OK  74056.

The absentee ballots will start going out around May 4th.

Ballot Order

At 10:00 a.m., on Tuesday, April 3, 2018, a drawing was held to determine where each candidate’s name will be placed on the ballot.  Below are the results of that drawing.


  1. Robert E. Yarbrough
  2. Cynthia J. Boone
  3. Paul S. Revard
  4. Marsha L. Harlan
  5. Talee Redcorn
  6. Stephanie Erwin
  7. Kathryn Red Corn
  8. Linda Heskett
  9. Susan Revard Forman
  10. Andrew Yates
  11. Margo Gray
  12. Everett M. Waller
  13. Joseph B. Cheshewalla
  14. Myron F. Red Eagle