Physical Address:  608 Kihekah
                                   Pawhuska, OK  74056
                                   (Osage Nation Elections Office Building)
Phone Number:     918-287-5288
Email Address:

Election Date:        Monday, June 4, 2018.

Office Hours:        9-4:30 Monday thru Friday
                                 (Office closings will be the same as observed by Osage Nation offices.)

Contact Billie Ponca, Supervisor, 918-287-5288 or for more information.

Absentee Ballot Notice

If you have not received the envelope with the legal-sized document entitled “Osage Minerals Council Notice,” and the Absentee Ballot Request, itself, requests for the absentee ballots must be made in writing on or before May 21, 2018.

You'll need to send in an Absentee Ballot Request for the June 4th Osage Minerals Council election (not to be confused with the Osage Nation election absentee ballot request). 

We will need a letter that is signed from you, with the request, and must request their own absentee ballot.

If you wish to FAX it, you may send it at 918-287-5292 or the mailing address is Osage Minerals Election Board, PO Box 478, Pawhuska, OK  74056.

The absentee ballots will start going out around May 4th.

Ballot Order

At 10:00 a.m., on Tuesday, April 3, 2018, a drawing was held to determine where each candidate’s name will be placed on the ballot.  Below are the results of that drawing.


  1. Robert E. Yarbrough
  2. Cynthia J. Boone
  3. Paul S. Revard
  4. Marsha L. Harlan
  5. Talee Redcorn
  6. Stephanie Erwin
  7. Kathryn Red Corn
  8. Linda Heskett
  9. Susan Revard Forman
  10. Andrew Yates
  11. Margo Gray
  12. Everett M. Waller
  13. Joseph B. Cheshewalla
  14. Myron F. Red Eagle