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  1. Foods Unit-Teachers Guide

Intro to Osage Foods

Osage Foods
Osage food being prepared
Grades 3-12 Language Arts Social Studies Science

Students read booklet (with photos) surveying Osage foods, food sources - wild & cultivated, preparation, and related customs of past and present and answer review questions.

  1. Osage Foods Booklet
  2. Osage Foods Qs
  3. Osage Foods Qs KEY

Early Farming, Hunting & Food Preservation

Three Sisters: corn, squash, and beans
Three Sisters: corn, squash, and beans
Grades 4-12 Language Arts Social Studies Art

Students read two fact sheets and complete 1 set of questions analyzing early methods and annual cycles of farming & hunting and food preparation; evaluate difficulty of survival; and design a parfleche (food storage) bag.

  1. Early Osage Foods Preservation Fact Sheet
  2. Early Osage Farming and Bison Hunting - Fact Sheet
  3. Preservation + Farming & Hunting Qs
  4. Preservation + Farming & Hunting Qs KEY
  5. Parfleche Design & Color activity

Edible Wild Plants

Yonkapin Lotus Root
Yonkapin Lotus Root
Grades 3-12 Social Studies Science

Students read background on food gathering knowledge and customs, today’s scientific names for plants, and complete mini-research outline on three wild plants used by the Osage.

  1. Edible Wild Plants Fact Sheet
  2. Edible Wild Plants Qs & More
  3. Edible Wild Plants Qs & More - KEY
  4. Edible Plant Research outline

Introduction to the Buffalo

Bison on prairie
American Bison
Grades 3-12 Language Arts Social Studies

Students read text summarizing importance, view poster of traditional uses of bison & evaluate most important, complete connect dots activity.

  1. Introduction to the Buffalo Guide
  2. Importance of the Buffalo
  3. Traditional Uses of Bison poster
  4. Connect dots - Bison activity

Intertribal Buffalo Council lesson

Intertribal Buffalo Council Logo
Intertribal Buffalo Council
Grades 7-12 Language Arts Social Studies

Students read webpage of IBC and compare Native Nations’ use of bison to white settlers and hunters, and learn about revitalization efforts; complete review questions.

  1. Intertribal Buffalo Council Lesson Link & Review Qs
  2. Intertribal Buffalo Council Lesson Review Qs KEY

Bison Science - Research

Grades 4-12 Science Social Studies

Students research the bison animal and conservation efforts of bison in Osage area.

  1. Bison Science - Research - Qs
  2. Bison Science - Research - KEY

Perspectives on Bison - Interpret Articles

American Bison on Prairie
American Bison on Prairie
Grades 9-12 Language Arts Social Studies

Students choose an article, and interpret its unique perspective on the bison; write a summary including paraphrasing and quotations.

  1. Perspectives on Bison-Interpret Articles

Food-ways, Exercise & Health Today

Gardening as exercise
Gardening as exercise
Grades 4-12 Social Studies Science Health

Students compare food traditions of past to those of today; recognize loss of connection to food production and lack of exercise; they complete a chart outlining physical exercise (aerobic + strengthening) involved in early Osage food-ways; then design food-producing exercise plan for today (gardening, etc.).

  1. Early Osage Foodways and Exercise - Fact Sheet, Qs & Charts